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Aquaripure Nitrate Filter Small

Aquaripure Nitrate Filter- Small
Only a specialized nitrate filter like Aquaripure can provide permanent and complete nitrate reduction. And unlike other similar nitrate filters, Aquaripure filters use proprietary and patent pending technology to maximize it's efficiency and effectiveness. Aquaripure filters all have a tremendous internal surface area for denitrifying bacteria to grow and thrive, much more than any "coil" denitrator or the other competition.

Aquaripure filters utilize the only highest quality tubing, valves, and connections. You will not find any cheap parts on an Aquaripure filter. Aquaripure filters are also "pre-populated" with more beneficial bacteria than ever to start working fast. Unlike other nitrate removal products, the Aquaripure is designed to be safe, extremely easy to use, require little maintenance, and completely remove nitrates for many, many years.

The Aquaripure is considered a denitrator, also known as a "denitrifier" or "biodenitrator". It is a biological filter that removes nitrate (NO3) from the aquarium. A denitrator filter uses anaerobic bacteria to break down nitrate into nitrogen gas (N2), which escapes into the atmosphere, the result is nitrate free effluent. A denitrator achieves this in an extremely safe and controlled environment and after the effluent is aerated there is nothing left but pure, clean, crystal clear water. This same basic process is even used by water treatment plants to make wastewater safe for human consumption and to clean polluted water.

The Small Aquaripure is recommended for Aquariums 20-60 gallons. For other sizes and more information go to

Notice - It will take an average of 4-6 weeks before it begins to remove nitrates and sometimes a little longer. You may need to adjust your existing filtration. Please adjust your expectations accordingly. The vast majority of users experience great results with no trouble. You can contact Aquaripure by e-mail or phone for assistance.
Aquaripure Nitrate Filter- Small
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Product Features
  • Media NEVER needs to be changed
  • It is NEW and will ship from the manufacturer
  • For ALL freshwater and marine aquariums
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Aquaripure has been making Nitrate Filters since 2003
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Customer Reviews
- Our family has had the small Aquaripure filter in our tank since about 3 months after we set up the tank a couple of years ago. Until we got the Aquaripure filter we had to do big water changes seemingly all the time to control water quality and keep the algae at bay and it never seemed like we were doing enough. Well, about a month after we installed the Aquaripure it seemed to really kick in and soon the algae seemed to not be so bad and the water quality seemed to really improve. Also, we definitely were able to let up on the constant water changes. The nitrates went to zero and ever since then the tank looks great with very little effort on my part. I do a little water change every 2-3 months as Aquaripure recommends but that's about it. All I do is inject a little nutrient maybe once a week and adjust the flow rate about twice a week. This filter has really made a tremendous difference to the tank and saves a ton of time and I highly recommend it to anyone! And of course, my husband still loves it!



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